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Strømlingo Nssembly AFM


Exploring "Real Nanoworld" becomes affordable now! Build your own 10,000,000x magnification atomic force microscope with the Strømlingo Nssembly AFM Kit! Please find the specification below for more details.

​​Arduino based open source controller

The Arduino based open source controller (beta version) released! The official version coming soon! The controller provides much more stable scanning quality than the previous basic version. The scanning speed is enhanced up to 0.8 Hz. Users can also design their own AFM operating procedure by editing the firmware of the controller.


Anti-Vibration Table (AVT)



A simple anti-vibration table (AVT) for your Strømlingo Nssembly AFM that can be assembled. During AFM scanning, vibration will always affect the quality of resolved images. It is also not easy for everyone to afford an optical table. Therefore, we designed the assemblable AVT for the Strømlingo Nssembly AFM, in order to povide a simple and cost-effective way to minimize vibration.

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